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is a community built platform for facilitating connecting, collaborating, and campaigning between DReps and the Cardano community. DReps amplify your voice and drive impactful decisions.

If you hold Ada, jump in, pick a DRep, stay informed and keep the conversation going!


Delegated Representatives




Like stake pools, DRep registers their intention on chain via DRep Certificates.



Just like staking a pool, Ada holders can delegate their stake to a DRep with Transaction.

Voting Power

Voting Power

DRep voting power will be the total value of staked Ada delegated to the DRep.



Registered DReps will need to vote regularly to still be considered active.

Pick a DRep

In order to participate in governance, wallet with staked Ada can register as a DRep, or delegate to any registered DRep.

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There are currently seven defined types of governance actions registered DRep will be voting on.

A governance action is an on-chain event that is triggered by a transaction and has a deadline after which it cannot be enacted.

  • An action is said to be ratified when it gathers enough votes in its favor (through the rules and parameters that are detailed below).
  • An action that fails to be ratified before its deadline is said to have expired.
  • An action that has been ratified is said to be enacted once it has been activated on the network.
Motion of no-confidenceA motion to create a state of no-confidence in the current constitutional committee
Update committee and/or threshold and/or termsChanges to the members of the constitutional committee and/or to its signature threshold and/or terms
New Constitution or Guardrails ScriptA modification to the Constitution or Guardrails Script, recorded as on-chain hashes
Hard-Fork InitiationTriggers a non-backwards compatible upgrade of the network; requires a prior software upgrade
Protocol Parameter ChangesAny change to one or more updatable protocol parameters, excluding changes to major protocol versions ("hard forks")
Treasury WithdrawalsWithdrawals from the treasury
InfoAn action that has no effect on-chain, other than an on-chain record
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